N. Similis not digging or moving any sand


Hello all,

I have had 14 Neolamprologus Similis for about 3 weeks now yet I have seen very little of the digging behavior that I was so excited to see with them.

A little bit about my setup..
125 Gallons, gH - 14 degrees, kH - 10 degrees, pH - 8.1, Temp - 78F, Ammonia - 0ppm, Nitrite - 0ppm, Nitrate - 2-4ppm
For the substrate I used about 40 pounds of fine grained pool filter sand with 80 pounds of even finer grained aragonite all mixed together. I have about 200 shells of various sizes. and about 10 fist-sized rocks. Initially on startup my gH and pH were a bit too low (4 degrees and 7.0) so I slowly raised them over about a week and a half to where they are now. Everybody is happy and healthy, yet so far only one Similis has moved any sand. What I suspect to me a male had dug a large hole and pushed 4 shells into the center of it but then completely abandoned it. Aside from that there has been very little digging to be seen.

From what I have seen and read about this seems to be on the more unusual side. Does anybody have any input on why they may not be digging at all?

I appreciate any and all feedback.

Thank you!
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