Mystery snails


Two of my three mystery snails (Schultz and Sunnie) have grown over and inch apiece since I got them.  I'm happy to say (and a little smug, too), that their new shell growth looks incredibly beautiful compared to the way they looked when I bought them.  No cracks or disintegration, just lovely smooth and well-colored shell.
Too bad I already have one snail per tank.  My LFS just got in a shipment of lavender and blue mysterys.  Absolutely stunning creatures!  (how big of an area does one snail need?  Could I keep one by itself in a one-gallon tank?)  I'm almost as attached to them as I am to my Betta Boys!



You probably could keep a mystery snail and a betta in a 1 gallon bowl, but if you could, I would try to get at least a 1.5 gallon bowl.

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