Mystery snails in a tall tank?

Discussion in 'Snails' started by BlueMint, Jul 18, 2015.

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    I have a small question concerning mystery snails. Im looking at how to stock my 60 gallon and mystery snails crossed my mind. I still need to do research and see if they would be compatible with the other fish I have in mind but I figured before doing that, Id better make sure that my tank is suitable for them.

    My tank is 24 inches high. Would the snails be okay with that? As in, would they be able to reach the surface easily if need be? I read somewhere that when keeping mystery snails, the water should only be two times as tall as the snails themselves. I just wanted to ask around since google didnt show me anything (weird).

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    From what I know about snails, and admittedly, thats not much... Snails will only need to come out of the water if they are not happy with the water quality. Maintain a clean aquarium with proper chemistry and inhabitants, and I dont see a problem with them in any tank of any size...
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    That would be an extremely shallow tank. They will be fine in yours.
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    They'll be fine. Mystery snails come up and breath air regularly even with perfect water quality, it's just what they do. Your tank will be fine, they're really active anyway so it won't be a problem at all (as long as they're healthy) to make it to the top for air.

    The two times the height of their shells is the minimum for them btw.
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  5. OP

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    Great! Thank you all! :D Now to do more research :)