Mystery Snails Eating My Plants!!!! Help

Discussion in 'Snails' started by FishGirly, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. FishGirly

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    Ok so it’s possible my mystery snails are eating my plants. Or maybe it’s the bladder snails. They are eating my Anubias. I had a whole tank fuel of driftwood and Anubias and I now come home everyday to pieces Of Anubias floating on the top. They seem to leave the other plants alone.

    I guess I’m at a loss because I’ve had snails forever and they have never ate my plants. A long time ago I had a bit of the same issue but it was the ramshorn that were being bad. I got rid of them and the problem stopped....and now it started again.

    It’s not like they are starving. I feed them algae wagers and shrimp pellets.

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  2. Momgoose56

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    You might try dropping blanched broccoli and some raw zucchini or even 'no salt added' canned green beans in the tank. They may be wanting something other than algae as a source of plant food.
  3. SnailsGalore

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    My guess is it’s the bladder snails. I agree with putting some veggies in there in addition to the algae wafers. That should definitely distract whoever is eating your plants!
  4. Redvelvetbananas

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    My experience with mystery snails has been that some will eat anubias and other plants while others leave them alone. However, all of mine eat the banana plants and water sprite. I had one that devoured all of my plants except the java fern in my bettas tank while my daughter was caring for it. It ate anubias, water Sprite, banana plant, cryptocorn spiralis,and moss. In one tank I have a mystery snail, a nerite and a few bladder snails. None of the plants have been eaten. I'm going to start feeding g them veggies and see if this helps. Thanks