Mystery Snails Coming Up To The Surface

Discussion in 'Snails' started by zeeno8, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. zeeno8

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    I have 5 mystery snails that I got a couple months ago. They are all in my heavily planted 20 gallon long tank along with 4 neon tetras and 5 amano shrimp and a couple of nerite snails. For the most part the snails are thriving, and I just got 3 egg sacs in the span on one week! They grew incredibly fast, and I feed them almost daily with algae wafers and spinach and cucumbers, and I add cuttlebone to the tank for extra calcium. I also do a weekly 20-30% water change. My only concern is that they often go up to the surface to breathe. I always thought this was a normal thing, but then I heard people saying that it means low oxygen levels. They do spend a lot of time roaming and they have good energy levels, but I often find them roaming then climbing to the surface to breathe, then going back down. Is it true that it's a bad sign if the snails come up to breathe, or is this normal behavior?
  2. Dave125g

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    Completely normal. They all do that.
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    nah, your tank is heavily planted, there's no way it can't be lack of oxygen, they practically poo that stuff out lol :]
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    Lol, thanks! Glad to hear it's a normal thing
  5. KarenSoCal

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    They go up and put their siphons up out of the water. You can see them pump air...they fill their lungs with it. They can expel the air at will...that's how they are so buoyant.