Mystery snail's body exposed with broken shell

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    Welcome to Fishlore! :;toast

    I can't see where the shell is broken in the picture. Is it near where the trap is or farther back in the shell?

  3. xshainax Well Known Member Member

    On the back of his shell. I am a bad fishy parent. :(
  4. Echostatic Well Known Member Member

    I can't really see anything. Can you take a photo with the snail centered in the shot? Maybe closer if you can?

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    Is that his body pushing way out of the shell?
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    Yes it is :(

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    This link has tips for repairing the shell, but if it's that extensive I don't know how well they would work.

    "So what to do once a snail has gaping holes and or a detoriated shell surface?
    First of all, check the water quality: is the pH at 7 or more? (keep it between 7-8). How about the water hardness? (keep the kH and GH high).
    A good way to regulate the water quality is to add a source of calcium in the form of crushed egg shells, specialized preparated, crushed sea-shells, marble or something similar. Once you are sure that the water is well enough to halt further detoriation, one has to decide if the shell should be repaired or not. If the snail is active, one can assume that the snail does not suffer from the damage. In such case a repair should be rather considerd a protective measurement to prevent other snails from attacking the exposed tissues. If however, there are no possible tissue eaters like fish and snails around, or if the holes are that small that the tissue stays out or reach, one can choose to leave the situation like it is. The snail will calcify the vulnerable tissues anyway as reaction to the exposition to water."

    "If however, a large amount of shell is absent or if there is a real threat for the snail to become eaten alive, once can choose to repair the holes by glueing pieces of snail shell, eggs shells or even pieces of plastic over them. The best glue for this is medical superglue, although common household superglue will do as well, but is toxic until it's dried. In such case (household glue) one needs to make absolutely sure that the glue does not come in contact with the snail tissues. Pits and detoriated surfaces can be repaired by covering them with strong nail polish (make sure to use water resistant polish), epoxy resin or even better super glue. The latter dries quickly and even hardens more when in contact with water. More info about shell repair can be found on Pam's website. She has carried out several experiments with shell repair and has a good practical guide available. "
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    Eesh... I dunno if there's any way to fix that... But I'd wait for someone more knowlegable to say something.

    Edit: Nevermind, they just did >.>
  10. xshainax Well Known Member Member

    I am too terrified of trying to push the body back inside the shell

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    They're talking of covering the outside of it, not pushing it back in, I believe. If you look at the pictures on the link it makes more sense.
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    I investigated further and he has more cracks with body poking out.
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    Do you have him separated from anything that might pick at him?
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    I put him in a breeders trap where he is just sitting there waving his feelers
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    We've all felt that way at one time or another don't be hard on yourself.

    Sorry, that's all the advice I have :)

    Good luck!
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    Is that your cat in the aquarium? Lol
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    I'm sorry to say that I've never had success with mending shells on mystery snails. Nerites will sometimes mend from my experience. Personally I would put him out of his misery. I'm sorry to say that but I cant imagine the pain he is probably in.
  18. Echostatic Well Known Member Member

    I agree. I figure your two choices are to either try to gently push the body back into the shell and patch it, or put it down. Then, you need to try to figure out why this happened in the first place if you don't already know. Barring major trauma from a fall through the air, I would suspect low ph and or KH/GH. Important to know, especially if you want or have more.
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    Its the Ph and calcium. My water conditioner raises the Ph and I use liquid calcium to raise the calcium levels
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    If they are being maintained at good levels, how did his shell end up in such bad shape?