Mystery Snail

  1. S

    Small Tanks Valued Member Member

    OMG, I've kept shrimp before but never snails.

    I just got a 1 inch mystery snail last weekend to join my community grow out tank he's living in a QT with just some plants and omg I never realized how much and how fast they can move! Sheldon's adorable. I kinda wish I'd gotten one years and years ago!

    Will he still be this active when there's fish around!?
  2. Deedo12

    Deedo12 Valued Member Member

    Unless the fish pick at him then yes! I’ve had a mystery snail for about 5 months now and he’s all over the place. Honestly the main attraction of my tank! Lol he’s a solid two inches big though he’s grown quite a bit. I was shocked at how fast mine moves also

    This is Gary 6757f353ab45df5f36be0602cf680254.jpg
  3. OP

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    Yeah it's a pretty chill tank. I have 6 micro rasboras, a betta (who is MEGA chill) and some very tiny baby sterbai cories (though they're going to move into my amazon 20G Long project as it's first residents when I get it finished up and they get a bit bigger).

    My snail's actually pretty much a tinier version of yours and he explores EVERYTHING. So adorable!
  4. snailyfriends

    snailyfriends Valued Member Member

    i think the snail would enjoy the company of fish, as long as the fish don't nip it's feelers ^-^ best of luck