Mystery Snail Worries

  1. heeerefishyfishy Member Member

    Good evening, all! I'm a little concerned about my mystery snail. Out of necessity, he's in a tank that is currently just finishing off (I hope) a fish-in cycle. From the moment I began to get ammonia in the tank, I dosed daily with Prime. Nitrites spiked about a week ago and are on their way down now. I lowered the water level so that the current from the HOB would add more oxygen to the water during this phase. The fish (guppies) are fine. Parameters will be posted at the bottom.

    For the past several days, he has not moved a whole lot. He went from munching up a storm to hiding away in a cave. Yesterday it seemed like he hadn't moved in nearly an entire day so I disturbed him to make sure he was still alive. There was an arse-load of poo (no fun intended) where he'd been hiding so I vac'd it up. After I moved him, roamed around the tank for a while but went right back into the cave and once again he's been in there for an entire day.

    Should I leave him alone and assume he's just being lazy and digesting everything he ate leading up to this? Maybe growing? Or should I check on him sometimes to make sure he's still kicking? I'm worried that even though I've been using Prime, maybe being in a cycling tank is taking its toll.

    Current parameters:

    Ammonia: 0ppm
    Nitrite: 0.25ppm
    Nitrate: 10ppm

    Really, really hoping the remaining nitrites will be gone soon!
  2. AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    What are you feeding him?

    It could be the cycle is irritating him for sure. When was your last water change? I bet the remaining nitrites will disappear with a 50% water change. Plus it may perk him up some.

    I feed my mysteries a couple of things. Today I threw in a baby carrot for my nerite snails and the mysteries went to town. Also I got some snail/invert food that they love from Aquatic Arts. You can purchase it on Amazon. The last thing I feed is snail jello. Or Snell-O lol (totally stole this name). It is a mixture of puréed organic baby foods, such as: zucchini, carrots, kale, proteins (chicken or turkey), tums for calcium and unflavored gelatin. Then frozen in smaller sizes to give about once a week. Calcium is good for their shells, you can use Tums or just crush up some oyster shell calcium and add it.
  3. heeerefishyfishy Member Member

    I feed him veggies (usually zucchini, leafy greens, cucumber, carrot) and the occasional algae wafer. I haven't tried snail jello because I only have one snail and it seems a bit much. I did put a piece of a Tums in the tank once and it was gobbled up but I'm afraid of messing with the pH.

    My last water change was 2 evenings ago. At that time, ammonia was 0.25, nitrites were 0.50, and I didn't test nitrates ('cause honestly I hate that test) so there's been progress since then. I'll do another water change tomorrow evening. I really do hope that will look after the remaining nitrites! I'm just really surprised that he was fine through the ammonia spike but doesn't seem to be handling even low levels of nitrite well at all.
  4. AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    Nitrites are super toxic. So I am not too surprised. Although the Prime will help. You could try double dosing Prime. It is safe at 5x's the dose for nitrite spikes. It's like a one time dose until you can fix the problem, usually. But maybe you could add a double dose of Prime and see if it helps. I double dose my tanks because I have a high chlorine level in my tap. So I know it is safe to use, routinely even, so it would be fine to use while you get through this final bit of cycling. Couldn't hurt anything that is for sure.
  5. heeerefishyfishy Member Member

    Here are tonight's tests... Do my eyes deceive me? Are the nitrites gone? Is my tank cycled? I did a 50% water change *after* testing because it never hurts but I only treated the new water with the regular amount of Prime.

    I lifted the cave decoration off the snail tonight and he came out of his shell, then went right back in the cave... 20170710_185442.jpg 20170710_192924.jpg 20170710_185259.jpg
  6. heeerefishyfishy Member Member

  7. jtwizz Member Member

    I am no expert and I have no insights but my one mystery snail is behaving in a similar manner. She only gets active for the first 24hrs after I do a water change, even if my parameters are all good.
  8. abheeshs Member Member

    I think the snail is fine. If it doesn't come out at all or if the cap (operculum) goes inside the shell, then maybe you should be worried. Mine will be eating something one minute and acting dead the next.
  9. Books&Fish Well Known Member Member

    I would consider that a trace of nitrites. I would personally record that reading at 0.125ppm. Make sure you have Prime in there today and you probably won't read any nitrites tomorrow.
  10. heeerefishyfishy Member Member

    Thank you. Those were last night's tests. Tonight's nitrite test is below. I'd say it's definitely 0 now. Hopefully my little snail will perk up. The whole reason this tank had to be set up in the first place was for the snail, so it would be really sad to lose him at the end of the cycle.


    This is kind of anti climactic. I feel like now that my tank is cycled and everyone in there is still alive there should be celebratory fireworks and confetti or something. Lol.
  11. Books&Fish Well Known Member Member

    Yep, 0. No fireworks or confetti, just a weight lifted off your shoulders and easier sleep.
  12. heeerefishyfishy Member Member

    You can say that again. I certainly don't have any desire to do another fish is cycle any time soon.
  13. heeerefishyfishy Member Member

    This morning I once again moved the cave decoration away from my snail. He was tucked tightly into his shell. When I got home (about 10.5 hours later) he was still in the same spot, so I picked him up and gave him a sniff, lol. Still alive!

    I'm pleased to report that he is now up and about and even munching on a slice of cucumber. I think it's the first thing he's eaten in nearly a week!