Mystery Snail Wont Open Trapdoor All The Way Help

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Can someone help me with my black mystery snail? He has only been peeking out of his shell for almost two weeks now. He is eating and puts his antennas out but will not open his trapdoor all the way. I have taken him out several times, at least once a day to check him. He has no visible injuries. He will scoot across the bottom of the tank a little but just a few inches. He has not climbed at all. When I put him back in tank he will float for sometimes an hour. I did something this morning that I read on this site. I sat him on a damp towel for 15 min. Then put him back in tank. This time he did not float. I don't know if this has any significance or not. Please can someone help. I love this little guy. His shell is great, he lives in a 20gal. Snail only tank. All his buddies are gentle non aggressive snails. 2 rabbit, 2 Japanese, 2 Bertie and 4 other Mystery snails. Also can you tell me why one of mine will eat veggies?


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3 years
Are all the others in the tank doing well?
Have you tested your water parameters?
Any idea how old he is?
What have you been feeding?

As to the veggies, a lot of time if they come from a pet store and are a bit older to start, it'll take them a bit to realize that veggies are actually food.
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