Mystery snail suffering abuse from evil platy babies

Discussion in 'Snails' started by Rhan, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Rhan

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    :;hi1 Hi there ,

    Yesterday I decided to buy a golden mystery snail from my LFS. It was only $2, and very cute :) I wanted to put it in my platy fry grow out tank (which also contains a small colony of cherry shrimp). I got home, gently put it in the tank and sat and waited for it to come out and explore.

    Well. As soon as it stuck it's antennae/feelers out, about 6 platy fry decided to come up and try and bite it. The snail retracted them, and slowly moved forward. I distracted the babies, thinking they would leave it alone once they've worked out it's not food. But, it seems my platy babies are secretly spawn of the devil >:D They would not leave the poor thing alone, even when it's feelers weren't stuck out, they'd still go up to it, going for it's foot or whatever they could reach every so often. After 20 minutes, I felt terrible and put the snail in my other tank, where it has no had any attention paid to it whatsoever by the fishy inhabitants.

    Has anyone else had something similar happen? I had no idea baby fish could be so mean! They're very well fed, so I don't think it was out of hunger. But they are very, very bold, curious fish. They don't shy away at all when I do water changes (I ALWAYS need to have a 'spotter' helping so I don't suck anyone up). So maybe they were just curious? They very occasionally go up and do it once to a shrimp, but the shrimp bounce off and the baby goes off and does something else.

    Sorry for the long post, but I'm just stumped, I never even imagined that this could happen ???
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    Good morning Rhan,

    Wow! I'm kind of surprised that fry would pester the snail so much. I think you did the right thing by moving it to the other tank. I'll be looking forward to other responses you receive.

    Best wishes.
  3. Elodea

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    Some fish just like to pester snails. Leave him in that tank until the platy fry grow a bit older, maybe that'll help them break that "childish" habit.
  4. Treefork

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    My Betta will sometimes pester the snail if the snail is eating something the betta wants.