mystery snail shell care...

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    hey guys so I've had my mystery snail (ross) since early october of 2013. any way he was small then, but now he has gotten a whole lot bigger, and now his newer shell looks different from the shell when i first got him, it looks very choppy, and it looks like there are layers that make up his shell instead of just one shell, could this be calcium insufficiency, or is this just normal. and what should i do for it, I've herd cuttlebone works, but how much and how should i put it in the tank, and will it harm my betta fish? also his shell looks really dirty, what can i do for it, should i just scrub it off with a clean tooth brush, or will that hurt him? please try to help!! also what are some veggies you feed your snails, i usually just give him algae wafers, but i think i want to give him more veggies (I've just been giving him carrots and lettuce), maybe that will help with his shell too, please help me, I'm new to the aquatic pet owning work and can use all the help i can get!!!
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    I bought a small cuttlebone, and just broke a chunk off. Maybe an inch and a half piece.

    If you remove the hard part on the back the betta will be fine. That part tends to be sharp and can damage fins. You can also try liquid calcium

    If you wanted to clean off his shell you could try the soft brush, but it could also be because of how his shell is growing in. If its too thin you could crack it just picking him up.

    Zuchinni, cucumber, blanched zuchinni, romaine lettuce... Mine especially like cucumber :) [​IMG]

    Mine are ramshorns, so are different but they LOVE freeze dried daphnia. It collects on the duckweed and within 10 minutes my whole population is at the surface going after it lol. Dont know if yours will or not though :-/