Mystery Snail Not Moving And Floating Sideways Help

Discussion in 'Snails' started by Vortexed, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Vortexed

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    I got a new Mystery Snail from my pet store because I thought they looked cute. I put it in my tank and accumulated it even though the store said it wasn't that important, and then I put him in the tank. I haven't seen him come out of his shell much at all, so I looked up some stuff and thought maybe he was stuck. So I try to put him flat on the ground or on a decoration, but he keeps floating a little bit sideways but not enough to go up the tank much. Any help?
  2. WTFish?

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    If you acclimated and your parameters are in check then he’s probably just settling in. It can take days. Even after that they’ll nap or rest for days at a time too. They have the ability to hold air and sort of float.
  3. OP

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    Ok, and what if my fish sometimes push the snail around? Either as a toy or on accident, I only have about three fish. Two Juvenile goldfish and a Pleco.
  4. WTFish?

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    Hm, I’ve heard things about goldfish not being good with snails but I have no idea, hopefully someone else can chime in.
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    My goldfish are snail eaters but the mystery snails are too big to be food. Lucky them. Pest snails don't stand a chance in my goldfish tanks. As long as your goldfish can't fit the snail in their mouth it should be ok.