Mystery Snail Food/unknown Plant

Discussion in 'Snails' started by SnappleMessiah, May 24, 2019.

  1. SnappleMessiah New Member Member

    I have a black mystery snail and honestly not sure what to feed it! I have Hikari sinking wafers for my Cory's but I feel that may not be enough. Any advice would be much appreciated! On a side note I got this plant from someone but I have no idea what it is. 1558756648670.jpg

  2. moriah Valued Member Member

    If you don't have enough algae in your tank, you can cook certain veggies like broccoli stems or zucchini. Just cut a thin slice and boil it for a few minutes till it starts turning soft.

    I boil sliced broccoli stems for my oto cats, but my snails always find their way to it and eat it over night. :happy:

    Plant looks like Alternanthera reineckii. Make sure it's getting enough light.

  3. Little Blue Ram New Member Member

    I make snello for my snails and just give a small amount. It's a 4oz jar of baby food (Mine like the Beechnut- Zucchini, spinach and green bean one), 1 packet of unflavored gelatin, some crushed cuttlebone (or calcium powder), and fish food all mixed in the same jar. It sounds like alot but really it's like 1 minute of work for alot of fish food, my snails and pleco love.
  4. david1978 Fishlore Legend Member

    Mystery snails need some protein in their diet as do the cories. So a good cory food will be good for both.
  5. Jeffsglo Valued Member Member

    You can get a container of freeze dried shrimp! I give this to my fish and cory. It's cheap and they love it.
  6. SnappleMessiah New Member Member

    I'm guessing it stays refrigerated and okay to give to them cold?
  7. Little Blue Ram New Member Member

    I do, they've never had any issues with it. I know some people freeze some if they have to much but I never have. I would assume if its frozen they thaw it for a few minutes before placing it in the tank.