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Mystery Snail Eggs! Yay! Funny

Discussion in 'Snails' started by kujapirate1996, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. kujapirate1996Valued MemberMember

    I opened the lid to the aquarium, found this gross looking bundle and thought, ew what on earth is that ?!?!? Lol

    Sorry about the poor lighting, but it is mystery snail eggs!

    I keep my tank pretty warm with a glass lid, so often i get condensation and humidity etc, so im not too worried about them getting dried out. I'm also scared to hurt them if i move them, lol. Would it be too dangerous to leave them like that, though? Ive never done this before o:

    I know I can probably find all this online, but i found it just now and want to tell the world that ill be a snail grandma, hopefully :D

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  2. StokaValued MemberMember

    As long as they are above the waterline and in a humid place they should be fine. Congrats grandma! :)
  3. HairyCatFish69Valued MemberMember

    Congrats snail gramps !!
    They'll be okay as long as it remains humid and above the water line. If they dry out they'll fall off and into the water. If you think they're drying out just mist it lightly with a spray bottle once in awhile.

    The first time I removed 2 egg clutches from my tank a small piece broke off and remained attached to the tank. I hatched the 2 clutches outside of the tank and totally forgot about the tiny piece I left behind inside the tank.
    Until over a month later when I started seeing white mystery snail babies crawling up the glass.