Want To Trade Mystery snail eggs for trade on East coast.


The clutch and half clutch are both included. They were laid 3/25/20. Mother is a gold Inca snail, the father is a black mystery snail. Most if not all will be black like the father.

I am looking for three purple and/or magenta mystery snails. I would prefer local pick up and drop off. (As COVID-19 is a serious issue I will be wearing gloves and a mask, I will also bring germ ex and Lysol wipes for the bags/containers).

Willing to meet in these areas:
Ocean City, Maryland
Berlin, Maryland
Salisbury, Maryland
Snow Hill, Maryland
Selbyville, Delaware
Fenwick Island, Delaware

1) The clutches for trade. 2) Mother. 3) Father. 4) Current clutch being raised from these parents (80+ babies from one clutch)


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