Mystery Snail Eggs For the first time

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    :;snail I set up my new tank about 3 weeks ago. I have 3 mystery snails and 3 guppies. I just found eggs from my snails on the lid of my 10gal tank. I have read about them, but I do have a question that doesn't seem to be getting covered. I am concerned about the eggs not getting enough moisture. Would it be prudent of me to spray them with a spritz bottle like once a day or so to keep the eggs from drying out? Also my husband has a 20 gal (we will be upgrading to a 50 in a few months) with 2 baby oscars and a peco. To keep my guppy tank from getting overwhelmed, will a couple snails in the oscar tank be ok? :;dete

    Thanks for any help y'all can give me on this :)
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    When I kept Mystery Snails I found the condensation that formed on the lid to be plenty of moisture for the eggs. You can by all means spritz them if you like or you can run an airstone under them and it will spit little particles of water up onto them for you. Either way, unless a fungus sets in, you will have plenty of little Mystery Snails to enjoy.

    I'm sure you will be able to put some in with the Oscars. I really can't see a problem with that.
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    I would spray them once a day, especially if they are close to a light. In fact, if they are, they might just burn/dry up. Keep in mind you may end up with 100+ baby snails, so please be prepared to re-home most of them. I wouldn't but the airstone under them because too much water causes them to much up and die.

    I would be very scared to put them in with the oscars. Babies are tiny, and they will get eaten. The eggs will hatch in about 11/2 weeks. Your 10 gallon will be overrun before you get the 55 set up. If I were you, I would destroy this clutch (don't worry, there are many, many more to come) and if you really want babies, wait until you are better set up to have them. If they were just laid in the last few days I would flush them.

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