Mystery Snail Death?

LT Connell

So, I'm thinking that my Mystery Snails bit the dust, but not sure.

We've been having an issue with Ammonia in our 75 gallon tank last few days, and we "thought" we could see movement from the snails, but just now I took both of them out and one has a smell. The other doesn't, but when I poked at his underside I got zero reaction.

Does it take a while before they begin to smell? How quickly could they skyrocket the ammonia level if they had been dead a day or so?


I'm sorry about your snails. If they have a small, they're likely gone... However, I have had an entirely unresponsive one that was partially out of the shell and I poked the exposed body several times with absolutely no reaction, but I felt bad and left her in the tank.... long story short she's totally fine, and I don't know why she did that. It should only take a few hours for the smell to start, and in a 75g, you probably have longer than that, maybe even up to a day, before you'd get a small ammonia spike.

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