Mystery Snail Behavior

  1. Katiec90 Member Member

    I have two Mystery Snails. For a few days, they were mating constantly, them stopped (well, I didn't notice them mating). Now my Gold Mystery Snail is firmly attatched to the shell of my Black Mystery Snail. The Black has been on the go all morning long, while the Gold was active this morning but hasn't let go of the Black's she'll all day and hasn't really moved otherwise. Do anyone know what he might be doing? Is he trying to convince her to mate again? Should I try to remove him? I would add pictures but I'm not sure how to on my phone..
  2. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    How is the black one doing with it, like, is she still able to move around and everything? If she's still able to move, get air, and all that stuff, not much of a worry. If she's having issues, I would remove him.

    They're probably actually on the opposite end of the mating process. The boys will do that frequently after they're done, basically just ride around on the girls for a while.

  3. Katiec90 Member Member

    She was moving around very well. She let go of the tank and fell to the bottom and extended a few times. Now shes just kinda sitting at the bottom of the tank. [​IMG][​IMG]
  4. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    Looks like post mating to me, unless (can't quite tell from the pics) there's still of him inside her shell. Personally, my boys wanted to do this for hours afterward, and it was really more than my girls could comfortably handle, so if she seems like she's not happy with it, I'd gently slide him off. However, if he still has a portion of him in there, I'd leave them be till he's done.

  5. Katiec90 Member Member

    Thanks so much!