Mystery Snail Back From The Dead!

  1. Reddmann Member Member

    Still new to the forums. I hadn't owned an aquarium in years and really didn't try to learn how to properly maintain one when I had it. I had 2 Oscars that thrived with daily feeding and vacuuming the gravel when the water looked dirty. So when my daughter asked for a new fish tank, I became very interested (always liked looking at aquariums). So we got a used 75 gallon, learned to cycle, went through the process of adding fish, had a few problems and lost one cory before I learned to do water changes more often, reduce the amount that we feed, and test the water frequently. Anyway, she saw a blue mystery snail a week ago when we went in to get another cory. We got the snail and added it. The snail was all over the tank within a day and continued to be active. She called me at work yesterday and told me that the snail was laying on its side, so she turned it upright with the net. It didn't move all day. When I got home, it still hadn't moved, so we thought it was dead (didn't know anything about snails). I got it out, put it in a ziplock bag, and went to an event that my daughter was in. We got home about 6 hours later and I started reading up on mystery snails to see if we did something wrong. Found out that they lay on their side sometimes, and they they smell really bad when they die. I took it out of the bag and it didn't smell bad. I put it back in the tank and it floated for 5 minutes. I read some more and found out that it may have an air bubble stuck in its shell. A few minutes later, it had its trap door open and its body was sticking out further than usual. It slowly sunk to the bottom of the tank. As we watched, 3 air bubbles came out of it. Then, it started moving all around the tank again! Sorry for the long post, but I thought this may help someone else. I almost discarded a live snail because I didn't take the time to read up on them, so hopefully this will help someone else in the same situation.
  2. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    I'm glad it was just a mistake. The religious implications of snail resurrection aren't even worth considering :rolleyes: Mystery snails are incredibly cool creatures. I would have gotten one, but they're supposed to be like bulldozers with planted aquariums- not eating the plants, just plowing through them and uprooting them. "Outta' my way. I'm a snail!"

  3. jmaldo Well Known Member Member

    I got mine it was about 1/2" around 4 months ago. Now well over 1 1/2". At times will take a siesta for quite awhile. It's a character and a traveler all over the tank. Have never experienced that bull dozing or seen any damage to plants. Loves brussels sprouts and zucchini though.
    Loves to parachute jump from the top of the tank. :;bananawater
  4. toolman Well Known Member Member

    Mystery snails are cool, can't wait to get my colony reestablished. Have a 40b for them and nano fish.

  5. mollybabes Well Known Member Member

    I'm not sure whether mine is a mystery snail or not, but she hasn't moved in a fortnight and is now floating. Is she dead?

    I'm quite scared to do the smell test in case she is dead and I small something really bad
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    So far, we don't have any live plants, just fake ones. He has been climbing on them already though.

    I'll have to try the vegetables!
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    I'll have to try the vegetables!
  9. Reddmann Member Member

    I read that if they smell bad, they're probably dead, but air bubbles in the shell can cause them to float.
  10. AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    I am patiently waiting for 2 new mystery snails to arrive today in the mail. I already have 2 in my other 2 tanks. They are very cool.

    I got this food for them on recommendation. It is from Aquatic Arts, Invert food. They absolutely love it. My nerites and shrimp love it too. I was able to order it on Amazon. I highly recommend it.

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  12. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    If you don't want to do the smell test monitor your water, especially if the aquarium is small. Ammonia can spike quickly if you've got something that big dead in your tank.
  13. MelloYello Member Member

    Ive never had a single problem with my mystery snails, Ive had them in all of my planted aquariums for a long time.... the only plant they dont seem to do well with is Val... they climb up to the point where the val can no longer old the weight and the val bends and then that leaf melts...
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    I'll have to remember that, because my Nerite snail is digging up the plants in my little tank fairly regularly. I was looking at it one day and noticed the strangest thing- a clump of my Staurogyne Repens rocking back and forth fairly vigorously. There's almost no current in the tank as I've got a Betta in it. I was beginning to suspect poltergeists when I noticed my Nerite half buried, working it for all she was worth- had it floating in about half an hour. I suspect it was hungry and going after the roots or decayed matter around it. It did the same thing with an Anubias Nana Petite about a week later. The first I separated into individual pieces to make a carpet. I put the Anubias in a pot, and though the pot edges have been dug up, so far it hasn't managed to get the plant out of the pot.
  16. Bettanewb Well Known Member Member

    Mystery snails typically will not bother live plants in an aquarium. Apple snails on the other hand will quickly mow down a planted tank in no time.