mystery of the semi-aggressive tank

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So, a few months ago at the very least, my best friend started off her first very own Semi-Aggressive tank, and her first proper tank in the hobby.

It had three dwarf gourmis, two of which ended up passing do to unfortunate jumping circumstances.

That left the little blue fellow named Bob. And my friend dubbed Bob lonely, and bought two tiger barbs- named ah... B*tchface and Absolute Queen.

This is the first disappearance- Absolute Queen goes missing. B-face is fine, but spooked now that he's alone with Bob.

So my friend goes and gets more fish, because Absolute Queen is no where to be found. Not in the filter, under decorum, the water level was too low to jump out now. And if she had been killed, then there's be a carcass.

But once is an oddity.

Now, she bought two cherry barbs- Lovelyboy and Orange- and one large catfish- Wiggly Nibbler, who i'm pretty sure was a spotted raphael catfish.

They did fine, Lovely and Orange started schooling with B-face, and Wiggly had a nice time eating hornwort debris.

And then, Nibbler disappeared.

Twice is a coincidence.

We checked the filter, the decorum again, the filter intake, the substrate, and the area around the tank- no carcass, either, and he's not a small fish. Nothing, again! And the cat was scared of the fish tank, so that didn't make any sense. A coincidence, again, right?


Then went Orange, the poor cherry barb.

Thrice is a pattern.

Does anybody know what's happening? She's heartbroken about her poor fish.
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So wait... what's the stock again?

First 1x gourami, 2x tiger barbs -> One tiger barb missing?
Then 1 gourami, 1x tiger barb, 2x cherry barb, 1x raphael cat -> first catfish missing, then one cherry barb?

Plus your friend has a cat, yes?

I'd guess that tiger barb has actually jumped. It's hard to believe how good some fish can jump. And then the cat maybe got it and may have either eaten it or played with it and left it somewhere in the house/appartment.

The catfish going "missing" is not unusual. They like to hide as good as possible. And I wouldn't be surprised if it has eaten the cherry barb. Actually with that stocking I'd not be surprised if the cherry barb died for whatever reason and the others ate it.
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