Mystery last less than a week


Brave snail seems to have ventured out into the wide wide world of our living room somewhere. Did a great job and never stopped moving in the tank...for a few days. I suppose we'll locate by smell eventually.

I should add before it is asked, water quality is great (tank is fully cycled). I guess it just wanted to go an adventure of a very short lifetime



"Today, the tank....tomorrow, the WORLD!!"

Sucks they roamed off so quick. I am kind of paranoid that my snails will do this. Especially since i have been having issues lately of remembering to close the lid on one of my tanks.


I'm sorry, that sucks! have a mystery snail that looks almost just like yours. Almost because there's a big chip missing at the point of the spiral from when he climbed out and made the world's loudest thwack when he fell. Luckily, I was in the room but I spent a good 5 minutes running to all the windows to make sure they weren't broken. It sounded like a bird had bashed into the window. Finally I noticed water on the floor and rescued my beautiful, idiot snail.

Depending on your lid setup, Plexi glass from a hardware store, craft mesh from Amazon, or even plastic wrap or aluminum foil can help you make your tank into snail Alcatraz if you want to try again.
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Happy to report Goldie (named by my daughter) reappeared magically and is happily cruising around the tank. I looked everywhere, no clue where it was hiding.

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