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So in September of last year I got these two lovely little gouramis. In the store they were called what translates to "Peach Gourami". I live in Denmark and generally the direct translation of the Danish name for a fish doesn't necessarily equate to the English name, so usually my trick is just to look the fish up in Danish and find the scientific name and then go from there. However, when I google "ferskengurami", which they were named in the store, nothing really comes up. Googling "peach gourami" doesn't really give me anything either. So my question is: Does anyone know what type of gourami this is?

They're both approximately 5 cm in length (and I don't expect them to grow much more than that) and are super peaceful. I've kept gold gouramis in the past, where i dealt with a whole bunch of aggression, but these two are the most chilled out fish, I've had. They kind of look like the domestic red form of the thick-lipped gouramis, but they just seem a bit too small for that, though their temperament seems to match them fine. They also look a lot like the red honey gourami, which also have a peaceful temperament, plus, they match the size of mine better than the thick-lipped. I'm just not sure.

I recently moved them to a 35 gallon tank with some platys and would like to introduce some larger fish into the tank, but before doing so, I want to do all the appropriate research I can about Thor and Queen Peach, which I've named them, so they get the best tankmates possible! So if anyone has some suggestions, I'm all ears!

Thank you!


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