Mystery Fish

  1. FEARADDAY Member Member

    hello, i was at my moms house the other day and she claims there was a 'shark' in one of the ponds behind her house. i called but the next morning my sister told me to come outside to look at this shark.i kid you not there was a big black fish with a big tailfin swimming at the surface! its tail was straight up like a sharks and its dorsal fin was laying down. what is this?? i will try to post pictures,

    thats it

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  2. matsungit Well Known Member Member

    A common pleco?

  3. Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

    Are there any rivers near you or connecting to the pond because Bull Sharks are the only Shark in the US that can live in a Freshwater Pond.
  4. FEARADDAY Member Member

    the other

    no it was 2-3 feet long

    it was just floating on the surfase moving slowly for a few muinits then it went underwater for a few then came back up

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  5. Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

    Is it Fresh or Saltwater?
  6. FEARADDAY Member Member

  7. FEARADDAY Member Member

    the neibor said it was a cod

  8. Demeter Well Known Member Member

    Depending on the weather, like if the water is fairly cool, some species of fish will go to the surface and sun themselves. I've seen many a freshwater fish do the same with their dorsal and tail fins sticking out of the water. Of course this is usually in the spring, after the ice thaws.

    Then there's the possibility of an ill fish having issues. There's probably a number of species in your area that reach that size. If memory serves, cod is a saltwater fish. Your best bet is a carp or catfish of some sort.
  9. oOturquoiseOo Well Known Member Member

    Cod is definitely a saltwater fish.
  10. FEARADDAY Member Member

    could it be a hi fin banded pond shark?

  11. Shardicle Member Member

    It could be
  12. Gilly Member Member

    My unedgumacated guess would be a karp or a catfish. Lots of bullhead cats make it to ponds from birds who pick the babies out of shallow pools and riverbeds. Karp are absolutely everywhere and quite often will be 2-3 feet, if not longer, and can be dark brown/black. Typically you find karp in rivers, not ponds, but again, being an abundant fish, they often travel by air
  13. FEARADDAY Member Member

    it was narrow and had bumps
  14. Gilly Member Member

    that does sound a bit catfish-y to me. They usually are smooth skinned, and scales would have been obvious if it were another fish (unless that's what you meant by bumps). Obviously the closer the picture the better. But it would explain why it was a shock to see it. Catfish are steady bottom feeders, and usually hover over the muck and sift through it. If one was sick, it could cause it to surface. But I have experience here in upstate NY, and don't know what native freshwater species are further south.
  15. Landos Well Known Member Member

    I got this, guys. That's a loch Ness monster. You'll need a least a 30 million gallon tank
  16. Demeter Well Known Member Member

    I still think it's a carp. It wouldn't be strange at all, carp are everywhere. In my area there's carp in lakes that often raise to the surface to eat floating plants/algae. They "roll" at the surface all the time while fishing, the darn things have gotta be a good 20 pounds.

    Also, if you have any other large body of water pretty close to the pond, a flood might of connected both bodies of water allowing fish to move from one to another. Or if someone caught fish and released them into the pond... lots of possibilities. You should cast a line and see what you can catch (if you are a fishing person).
  17. FEARADDAY Member Member

    i belive you that makes sense. i will tell mom