Mystery Diseases


HI all,

I've already lost two female cherry barbs a few months ago to dropsy (no idea what caused it), but now have a sick Pristella Tetra and a male cherry barb that I euthanized after it appeared to have a tumour and couldn't swim off the bottom of the tank.

The Pristella looked to have columnaris, which I have been treating in quarantine with trI sulfa (only med available to treat columnaris in Australia given tetracycline does not work). A cotton-like growth has already fallen out of its gills (see photo).

The cherry barb had a large bulge which appeared bloody. A dissection revealed what appeared to be a blood clot in the area. The lump appeared very quickly which makes me think of something like septicemia or a clot rather than a tumour.

Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 10

I now have 7 Pristella (number 8 in QT), 6 Cherry (down from 9) and 7 Sterbai. I left the lid off my tank overnight to find my mystery snail dead and dried up on lounge floor after escaping through the night. I do 1-2 water changes a week - total change of 50-60%.

Any ideas??




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