Mystery Creature Found In Tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by Liam Martin, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. Liam Martin

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    Hey, I was just about to feed my tank when I noticed this creature. I have apsolutely no idea what it is and I was just wondering if anyone else may have a clue.

    For reference, I keep spotted rasboras, pigmy Cory’s, CRS and one yellow cherry shrimp in this tank. PH~6.2, 0 ammonia/nitrite, ~5-10 nitrate, temp 23C
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    Your picture didn't upload..please use the upload a file button
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    Liam Martin

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  4. Thunder_o_b

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    That is a damselfly nymph. Predatory but not as destructive as a dragonfly nymph.
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    Liam Martin

    Liam MartinNew MemberMember

    Ahhh thank you
  6. 619CoryFan

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    Interesting. How does such creature end up in someone's tank if you've never kept them before? What to they eat? Are they a threat to any fish or plants?
  7. Celestialpearl

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    They can be predatory. If you have small fish it can try to go after them. Dragon fly nymphs definitely would. I think it would be a bigger threat to the fish than plants. I don’t know if they eat much vegetation.

    Do you have any houseplants near the tank? Maybe a fly landed there and laid an egg and it got knocked into the tank...
  8. Thunder_o_b

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    They do not eat plants. It only takes an open window to give them an opportunity to plant their eggs in the aquariums.

    A male and female mating (dragons). The female is depositing her eggs under the water plants. The nymphs live in the water for up to three years before emerging as adult dragonfly.
    IMG_2127 copy.0.jpg
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  9. Seasoldier

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    Hi, damsel fly nymphs feed on aquatic insects, tadpoles & small fish so would probably pose a threat to fry or very small fish species, don't think they'd bother the fish you have but may look on your shrimp as snacks.
  10. Redshark1

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    I think damsel fly nymphs feed extensively on daphnia and small worms (such as sludge worms) and fly larvae (such as bloodworms).

    They are very commonly introduced with new plants. In my LFS there were about 20 adults flying around on one of my visits. These had hatched out in their plant section.

    I've never had a problem from them.