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Hey their!
This is my second post to the forums and was curious about an ongoing algae issue I am having. I have this weird looking algae (photo below) and was curious what it is and how to fix it. I’m not sure if anyone has asked this yet so sorry if someone else has. My lights stay on for 11 hours a day and I do not dose Co2. I was thinking of getting a paintball tank and doing a co2 setup like that but I haven’t put one together yet. I’m not really sure what kind of algae this is though or how to get rid of it. Any help would be great! Also, I am have a snail out break from some hitchhikers, so I was curious if the lettuce truck would work where your put a piece of lettuce in and then let the snails climb on, throw it out and repeat! Also I am currently using Flourish Comprehensive but am receiving a new fertilizer called Ultum Nature Systems all in one fertilizer which I think will make plants grow well as I’m thinking of adding dwarf hair grass. Anyways just let me know. Thanks!

Zigi Zig

11 hours light be you problem .Lessen your lighting for 7 hours until you find correct balance between your fertilizer, co2 and lights..
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Ok thank you!


What ZigI said. The short of it is: plants need a balance of light, nutrients and CO2. If any one of them is low, the other ingredients are wasted by plants are used by algae. You don’t necessarily need CO2, but you’ll need to decrease the lighting for sure.

If your stocking allows for it, maybe get some fish to eat the algae while your find your balance.

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