my zebra nerite snails change stripe direction!


Look the newer lines of my zebra nerite snails changed direction.. is this normal?? or if this is normal... what do you think happened?

another view

another view

thank you for responding
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I have never seen that before. However, looking closely at that shell, it appears that someone has attached (glued?) a different piece onto the existing shell.


no it is not glued. the newer shell is thinner maybe because of sudden change in calcium content in water when I bought it.


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It appears to be new shell growth. I don't think it's anything to worry about.

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Whatever it is I like it


That happens to a lot of my different nerites when they are moved from one tank to another, especially if the Gh/Kh are different in the new tank. Just looks like new growth to me. I wouldn't be worried unless it starts to look unhealthy or broken.

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