my yo-yo cycle. whats happening


well after much confusion on my behalf. I am at wits end as to what is happening with my cycle. so will give you the run down....

pH has always been steady 7.6 . ammonia was up and down between .25 and 1.0 but never any higher.
26th jan: am 1.0 nitrItes .25 nitrAtes 5.0
28th jan: am 0.5 '' .25 '' 5.0
30th jan: am 1.0 '' 0 '' 5.0
3rd feb: am 0.25 '' 0 '' 5.0
5th feb: am 1.0 '' .25 '' 5.0 water change of 30% today
6th feb: am 0 '' .25 '' 5.0

so have I pulled my hair out for no apparent reason.. or is the look of the cycle pretty normal?? I have 10x filteration lights on a 5 on 2 off 5 on NO FISH and using seeded gravel from the lfs temp is 83F (28deg c)

thanks for your help on this one


wish I could help. if its any consolation my nitrates are the same as yours, but my ammonia and nitrites have always been zero. :-\


Looks pretty normal, patience
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I like normal thanks ladies

patience it is then
regards Dazzler

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