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    Hi everyone. Just sharing my 29g community tank. It looks a little understocked in the picture, but I promise there are fish in there -- a female blue ram, 5 rummy nose tetras, and 3 Corydoras sterbai. The decor probably looks a bit overcrowded, but I designed it so that a breeding pair of rams and my cories wouldn't fight for space like crazy. The flat surfaces on the right are supposed to be for the breeding pair, while the sand (which is everywhere but chiefly on the left) is for the cories to play in. But wouldn't you know, I often see the ram under the rock formation or sand and the cories on the right by the stones and rainbow rock. Pft, kids. :;smack

    As you can see, the planting is still a bit of a mess. Plants are still attached by string to driftwood (and the left plant on the left driftwood might not even make it?!). It used to appear more fully planted, but a couple plants in the right corner have melted severely in the absence of appropriate lighting. I have a much more sophisticated light unit on the way in the mail though, so I hope to plant more and have them grow much taller.

    And one last note, the brownish substrate beneath the black sand is Fluorite. Unfortunately when I laid down the substrate, I wasn't thinking properly about the whole presentation of the tank, and so I didn't make the front a lot lower than the back. Thus I have an awful lot of nutrient-rich substrate in the front and middle where I will never have plants. -_-

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  2. trailblazer295

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    Nice looking tank don't worry about it looking under stocked, I have 5 angels, 3 bolivian ram and 4 bloodfin tetra in my 30g and can still take a picture without seeing many fish. Still building my stock up just letting the bioload build. Before anyone jumps on me for overstocking I'm waiting for a pair of my angels to form and sell the other 3.
  3. AlyeskaGirl

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    Nice tank! :)
  4. OP

    midthoughtWell Known MemberMember

    Yep, I'm also just waiting for things to settle before I get more cories, another ram, maybe about 3 more rummies...and then I'm going to attempt putting in a female betta, but if she doesn't work out, I have a 5g tank set aside for her.
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    Nice setup, keep us posted when you add more fish.

    BTW, what is that grayish thing in the top right?
  6. OP

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    Thanks, I will. :) And it's a Mag-Float (one of these: ).