My weird fish dream

Discussion in 'Funny Stuff' started by JoannaB, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. JoannaB

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    Last night I had a weird fish related dream. I dreamed that I had inherited or somehow acquired a weird aquariums setup.

    Imagine a wooden display cabinet with lots of small to medium sized containers with glass doors. Now this is where you must remember that this was a dream and thus the laws of physics don't have to apply. There were some parts of this display cabinet where you could open one of the horizontal walls/doors and while it was open the water would stay inside, but the fish might jump out, so I had to be quick when opening the cabinet and catch any fish that jumped out.

    In my dream all of the display cabinet areas opened on the side, none of them on the top. I did not see any filtration, but in my dream I did not notice that.

    What I did notice was that my fish were in inappropriate sized "aquariums": a large goldfish in a drawer that barely fit him, and a small platy in a much larger display cabinet area.

    So my dream task was to play musical tanks transferring the fish into more appropriately sized parts of the display cabinet. Trouble was I did not have a net or bucket or any other tool, so I was transferring fish by opening sections of the display cabinet and when fish jumped out I had to catch them with my bare hands quickly moving the fish into the right area of cabinet, opening another cabinet door while holding on to fish.

    While most rules of real life did not apply, however the dream fish were slippery. Luckilyy dream self was unrealistically dexterous. :)
  2. Eienna

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    LOL. My dream self tends to be oddly weak, to where I literally can't stand up sometimes.

    I've had a lot of fish dreams...mostly involving fish dying ;_;
  3. Junne

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    Did you eat anything different last night? I tend to have strange dreams when I eat Tuna or greasy things. LOL

    The other night I dreamt that ALL of my MTS snails in my main tank were on the OUTSIDE of my tank!!!! I didn't know "How" they got there but there was many of them - just climbing the glass...... I remembered I ate at a Mongolian bbq place and ate lots of hot and spicy things..... LOL
    and the fact that I just bought an assassin snail for my betta tank thats overrun with MTS..... I guess I musta been thinking about them........
  4. Ziggi

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    Well, were you successful in your musical tanks? or did you wake up in the middle of the task?
  5. OP

    JoannaBWell Known MemberMember

    I woke up or moved on to different dream in the middle of the task.

    And I did not have a lot to eat last night at all - was too tired to eat.