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Discussion in 'Members Fish Tanks' started by nbedwards934, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. nbedwards934New MemberMember

    This is my 10 gallon aquarium. Includes:
    • Aqueon 20 filter
    • Heater
    • Substrate is a mix of FloraMax and polished pebbles
    • Two 15 Watt compact fluorescent bulbs-lighting 12 hours a day

    • My betta man, Maxwell
    • Three longfin zebra danios
    • Two red and blue columbian tetras-had three, one went nuts and died
    • One flying fox
    • One otto, the guy who helps me out at my LFS will call if they get anymore in, I plan on getting two more
    • One angel botia
    • and I'm keeping a female betta in a breeder box for a friend-this is only temporary and Maxwell doesn't mind her much at all

    Plants: (Excuse me if I butcher the names)
    • Hygrophila Corymbosa Stricta
    • Cryptocoryne Wendtii
    • Red Ludwigia
    • Java Fern
    • Rotala Magenta
    • and most recently, and Marimo moss ball
    I've recently started dosing liquid CO2 every morning and I do water changes every other week or so. Other than that, the tank is self sustaining.

    This big beauty is a 37 gallon Marineland tank with LED lighting in the hood. I'm new to cycling a tank and this is my new project. It is currently on its 6th day of cycling. I do water changes every other day and dose beneficial bacteria with each water change. So far no spikes in ammonia, but my pH is a little high-8.2. I can't wait to get it planted and get it stocked.

    This is my sketched plan for the layout of the 37 gallon.
    I'm hoping to have some red melon sword, more red ludwigia, micro sword, and more cryptocoryne wendtii with stacked slate or driftwood in the center. I can't decide which one though. I love the look of slate, but driftwood would lower the pH. So many decisions!

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  2. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

  3. SugarJunkeeValued MemberMember

    Really nice looking plants in that 10g!

    One thing I did notice, that otto is no otto, its a botia kubotai (angelicus botia). One of my favorite loaches, we have a couple and one yoyo loach. He may be a bit cramped in a 10g since they're very active. Once you get that 37 up and running, he'd be much happier in there with 2 more friends of his own kind!

    Angelicus Botia:
  4. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    o there is a loach in there. they need much more room then a 10g. honestly id move some of the fish out of your 10g and to the new tank as they like more room.
  5. NikitaWell Known MemberMember

    Nice tanks! The 37 looks to have a great design.
  6. nbedwards934New MemberMember

    I actually have both of those guys. I'm wanting to get a couple more Otto cats for the 10 gallon, but my LFS doesn't get them in that often and only had one when I bought him. I am planning on moving the angel botia to the big tank and getting a couple more. Unfortunately I started stocking my tank and then doing the research. Might have been better in the other order.
  7. Reptiguy97Valued MemberMember

    Nice tank. I can't wait to see the second tank when it comes together. I wish you the best of luck with your tanks.
  8. nbedwards934New MemberMember

    Thanks! I can't wait to start decorating it.
  9. nbedwards934New MemberMember

    Ok so, I've been testing the water of my 37 gallon daily and so far I'm getting 0.25 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 0 nitrates. I've done a few water changes and even after, those numbers are still the same. I do have some harlequin rasboras and a powder blue gourami in there since I tore down my 2.5 gallon. It was a pain to keep up and it got disgusting regardless of me doing water changes and scrubbing the sides constantly. So far they all seem to be just fine and I'm keeping a close eye on all of them. But, I know when cycling you want to get 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and some nitrates. But how do I lower the ammonia and boost the nitrates. I'm still learning about cycling and some of it is a bit frustrating. My pH is also very high- 8.2. I'm planning on getting some driftwood to help lower that. I've tried pH down, but it's doing nothing at all.

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