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Discussion in 'Tiger Barb' started by My TigerBarb Fish"Fluffy", Apr 9, 2012.

  1. My TigerBarb Fish"Fluffy"New MemberMember

    My Tiger Barb Fish now is breeding what i should do for her to keep the eggs safety with her : should i put her in breeding bowl or breeding tank ? and what any food i should give her ? flake or live food ?? and how to compare her from the other fish ( tiger-barb)
    i really confused to compare her but when i try to compare her i saw one his color fading and two their colors are bright one his color so red in it fins and nose and the anther one its color is normal ?? can some one tell me what to do ??? Thanks :)
  2. cameronpalteValued MemberMember

    Well what I did is (for my guppies if they help) is I wait for when it looks like my guppy is about to drop and then I move her in a 2.5g tank by herself (though you probably want more). Since it generally happens overnight for me, I go to sleep and I also keep my net and a cup of water next to her container. When I wake up, first thing I go there and net her into the other bowl and than transfer her back to my main tank (55g) and than the fry is by itself.

    Generally a few eggs or if you have live bearers fish may be eaten but generally a good majority will survive.

    I'm sure this may or may not work for you but I don't have the most experience so I recommend waiting for someone else to reply:). I hope this helped. Best of luck with your baby tiger barbs, I've seen some baby tiger barbs and they look really cool!

    Oh, ps... I love the puppy in your avatar.
  3. Fishkeeper99Valued MemberMember

    One thing you could do, if you don't eat to move any fish out, is add a whole bunch of plants to your tank. Make it really thick in spots so the fry can hide in it. This doesn't garentee the fry surviving but a few might.

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