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Angelfish care guide:

I’m putting together this care guide & just my thoughts from my experiences.

The most important thing in starting out with Angelfish is that the tank needs to be established before adding them. They can be sensitive to water quality.

20 gallons should be the minimum for a pair of Angels but 29 would be better. Tall tanks are recommend. To keep more then TWO I suggest a 55 gallon but that is just me. Just because it gives them the space due to they can be temperamental toward each other, territorial/semi-aggressive as they are in the Cichlid family. Each Angelfish will have their own personality. You may get that ONE that is a bully and the others are peaceful. So it’s important when you pick them out that they are of similar size. A single Angle that is kept alone may not tolerate a newbie or show aggression until things are settled at who’s boss. It’s a 50/50 chance there.

The standard angelfish of the hobby are hybrids that usually get to no more than 4 inches in length but do get tall.

They are active fish, always poking around for food & are aggressive eaters. They eat flakes, small Cichlid pellets (the bigger Angels), frozen bloodworms, frozen brine shrimp, fresh Romaine Lettuce and Seaweed Salad (something new I tried Sept 2010 and they like it). Not recommended to be kept with Neon Tetras or other fish that will fit into their mouths when they get bigger.

Fin rot is a problem with them due to their long soft fins but if parameters are kept in check, good filtration, substrate vacuumed & water changes are kept up then there shouldn’t be a problem. Do not keep them with potential fin-nippers. Nipped fins make a great breeding ground for the bacterium. I’ve read that fin rot is always present in the tank just like ICH and it doesn’t like warmer water but who knows but I keep the temperature at 80 and doesn’t seem to be a problem.

For the early signs of fin rot then just doing daily partial water changes with Stress Coat for approx. 10-days or more with VitaChem added and keeping the substrate clean should clear it up.

Ether silk plants or real plants are best to keep them with. Plastic plants could tare their delicate fins and fin rot can be a problem. I used to have some plastic plants in my tank but removed them just to limit fin rot. Like I said it’s just my thoughts and giving them good care as possible.

Any other thoughts are welcome.
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im sure shawnie or carol could do the breeding part of angelfish if you wanted that in there. this is all i have .

angelfish lay their eggs on a vertical surface making sweeps over the eggs.first the female laying the eggs and the male right behind to fertilize them. they may move their eggs many times during the growing process. the eggs layed should hatch and become wigglers in 3-4 days. after that on day 6-8 the hatched fry become free swimming(that's when i would take the fry out). new fry should be fed newly hatched brine shrimp or(in my case) frozen Baby brine shrimp. in the fry tank should be the same chemistry and temp as the main tank with a sponge filter and a heater.
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