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Ok so these are my two tanks currently (I also have 2 20 gallons, a 5 gallon, and another 10 gallon in the works, but I’ll be waiting a bit before setting those up.)

One is a Planted 55 gallon tank that currently housed some guppies and a brisltenose Pleco. It just finished cycling so I added the Pleco, and now I’m off to the lfs today to buy my new fish. The guppies are probably going to get removed soon to a smaller tank, as they come with the tank when I got it and I don’t think they’ll get along with the new fish.
My stocking idea is:
1 Platinum Angelfish
6+ Rummynose Tetras
6 Corydoras Cats
1 Bristlenose Pleco (He’s already in there)
2 Bolivian Rams


55 Gallon

The next tank is a 10 gallon which is currently cycling, I want to use it for a rcs tank. However my mom wants there to be fish in it since I set it up for my younger sister (due to health reasons she can’t take care of it, and I don’t mind taking care of it at all.)

I was dead set on rcs, but maybe they could have a single tank mate that wouldn’t bother them and could also be a pretty fish my mom would like?


10 Gallon


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Male endlers are fun, colorful fish that won't eat the RCS. They'd work well in the 10g. No females though as they breed like crazy.

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