My tank

I'm pretty new at this fish thing...
I inherited my fish from a friend who's tank cracked. Unfortunately he wasn't able to afford a new tank, so I dug my old goldfish tank out of the attic...

As you can see, it's looking a bit bare at the moment, but it's not going to stay that way for long ;D


Apologies for the picture quality, but it's the best my stupid little Nokia will do...
The fish are in my sig...

It's *supposed* to be a 10 gallon tank, however it actually holds 12 gallons quite comfortably. That's probably something to do with US and UK gallons being different (1 US gallon = 0.83 UK gallons)

I'm pretty sure it's overcrowded (there's a **** of a lot of fish in the tank!), although as I said in my first post, it was an emergency! Just waiting for my salary to go into the bank and I'll be getting a much bigger tank!

As for the plants, there's a green one and a green and purple one... Can't be more specific as the plants were rescued along with the fish and my mate can't remember what they are!
Basically, I'm gonna get my wages, work out how much I need for bills and food, and then the rest of it is going on buying the biggest tank I can possibly afford!
I may even go get a loan for it...

WELL and truly bitten by the bug!!
My LFS has a HUGE display tank. Not sure how much it holds, but the sides are a good inch and a half thick.

I'm 6'6" tall, and this tank dwarfs me!

I went in twice today and just stood there admiring it. Gonna pack some kleenex to mop up my drool next time
It will be mine... lol

I think the only way I'm gonna get close to owning something that awesome is to go get a job there.

At least I could pretend it was mine
LOL welcome Rob - glad to see you've joined the gang! Might be worth checking out your local free-ads for aquarium stuff cos you can get some good bargains! That tank sounds awesome... get a scuba kit and go for a swim
Hehe Rob, good luck with getting your tank to look like the one on the picture! And I can only begin to imagine the different possibilities you will have with a tank as large as you're planning to get! I wish I had at least a 60 gallon tank. But, that will happen when I buy my own house (Hopefully soon after finishing my graduate school - still in college!)

Carol, indeed it's an apt name for our addiction to fishies: MTS, lol. Where did you get that syndrome name from? Thought of it yourself? LOL, too funny ;D
NO Isabella I can't take credit for the syndrome name. You can log into any aquarium website and say I have MTS and everyone will know what you mean. Usually because they have it too.
This is a better pic of my tank, although I just noticed that the front needs a wipe down!

Click the thumbnail for a bigger version


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