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  1. fishaddiction

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    I just got a good picture of my tank. :)

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    It looks nice!
  3. ryanr

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    Hey thanks for sharing....

    Ummm, I have some (possibly bad) news for you..... your orange clown looks more like a Percula than Oscellaris to me.
    "One can differentiate between Percula (true) and Ocellaris (false) by their respective colors and patterns. Ocellaris are usually less vibrantly colored, and have 11 dorsal fin-spines instead of 10, as on the Percula. Also, the species have different eye arrangements: Percula have bright orange irises, making their eyes appear smaller, whereas Ocellaris have grey/orange irises which make the species eyes appear bigger."

    If you can zoom in on the dorsal fin, and count the spines, you'll know for sure.

    Is that a Kenya tree coral I see? And when did you get the button polyps (or are they zoa's), and maybe some Acan?
  4. OP

    fishaddictionValued MemberMember

    Ok I'll try zooming in on it though my lfs were positive this was a ocellaris and not a percula (I saw one in the tank above) the corals except for the tree I got on thursday the tree was Friday. I'm adding a bubble tipped anemone Monday. :)

    Is there a behavior difference (zooming in just makes it blurry) between them because he is very nice no aggression towards my ocellaris.
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  5. ryanr

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    Dude............ please slow down!!!!!
    In the end, it is your tank, your money, your choice, but please consider the animals.

    The tank is NOT cycled yet, and IMO should not have any live stock in it yet. But alas it does. I would encourage you to slow down. I've said it before, I'll say it again, "Nothing good ever happens fast in a Reef". And you certainly can't (shouldn't) stock a reef tank in 1 week. Anemones need an established system.

    I know it's exciting, I know we want everything to happen quickly, but the reefs of the world took 1000's of years to get to where they are.

    Like I say, it's your money, your decision, up to you.
  6. OP

    fishaddictionValued MemberMember

    That was my lfs is advice the man said Monday is a good time and I have a percula clownfish :(
  7. ryanr

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    I've never kept ocellaris to know if there are behaviour differences. It may be that the fish are young, it may be that you have two peaceful fish. Time will tell, 1 week is nowhere near enough to determine the temperament of fish. They'll still be settling in, trying to figure out what's happening. I'd give it a month (maybe more) and see what sort of behaviour they exhibit.

    Always take LFS advice very carefully. Did you tell the LFS your tank was still cycling and less than a week old?
    The advice you get (be it LFS, or here) will reflect the information and detail you provide. The more information you give, the better the advice.
  8. Jennifer26

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    Lfs will feed you anything you want to hear so they can make money - it takes weeks to cycle a tank
  9. OP

    fishaddictionValued MemberMember

    The guy at my lfs is very knowledgeable he gave me almost every thing in my tank (including water) so it isn't lack of knowledge I'll test my water and see what happens. Should I remove the percula so I can get another ocellaris (I wanted them to pair) or should I just wait and see?
  10. Jennifer26

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    Don't add any more fish for a few weeks! Unless u want them to all die and all your money wasted - let you ta k cycle it's not about the water being from cycled tanks - the filter needs time for good bacteria what is needed to build up in the filter and I'm sand - stone this takes weeks to happen
  11. ryanr

    ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    Assuming you definitely have a Perc, is this LFS guy the same guy that sold you a Percula Clownfish as Ocellaris? hmmmm :rolleyes:
    Your LFS may well be knowledgeable, but I think they are a little careless. No marine LFS where I live would sell an anemone to someone who didn't have an established system. The first question that gets asked is "How old is the tank?", followed by "What lights do you have"

    I don't know how the pairing of a Perc and Ocellaris would turn out.... I doubt they'll pair up.

    EDIT: Jennifer, you do realise we're talking about SW, and that the LR is the bio-media?
  12. OP

    fishaddictionValued MemberMember

    I blunt the perc at a seperate store entirely and the reason he didn't ask me those questions is he sells the tank I purchased so there is know need.

    Sorry about spelling *bought* and its a perc it has every sign of one. :(
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    You can use the edit post button to add something to a post (rather than posting back to back) or correct something. :)