My sweet baby :)

  1. applesandoranges37 Initiate Member

    New to Fishlore!! Saw this section of the forum, and figured I'd share a picture or two of my 9 yr old tabby calico named Radar (she had very large disproportionate ears when she was a kitten, and Satellite Dish didn't have the same ring to it)- aka Nugget/Puma/Nug Bug/Bug/GetDown/StopThat... She's a trouble maker who's very vocal and loves to give us sass.
  2. Airth Member Member

    Aw~ she looks like such a sweety. Those are the ones who give the most trouble. lol I have a black domestic short hair who refuses to lay by me unless I put out a specific fluffy green blanket for him. Such a baby. lol If it gets him to move so I have some room then it's a small price to pay. ;P
  3. applesandoranges37 Initiate Member

    Lol I totally get that!
  4. aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    Love calicos, very pretty kitty. And welcome to the forum and glad you joined us. Alison:;hi2
  5. applesandoranges37 Initiate Member

    Thank you!
  6. marijo Well Known Member Member

    Nice cat! I love her aka-names...! I guess she's an angel, when she's sleeping...!
    Welcome to the forum!:)