My Stupid Mistake Funny

  1. Heather M Well Known Member Member

    :-[I did the most stupid thing today that I thought everyone would find amusing. I got my first siphon gravel cleaner at Petco yesterday and decided to try it on my 10g betta tank today. I couldn't get the water to flow through at first, so I decided to try something I've seen my dad do when emptying the pool. I began to suck the water down through the hose with my mouth. Not one of my better ideas. It cane a lot faster than I thought it would and I got a huge mouthful of aquarium water. :;smack At least I didn't swallow it.;:barf I can't believe I did something so stupid. Oh well, it is pretty funny, I guess. I think my betta, Nelson, was laughing!
  2. uprightandlocked Well Known Member Member

    OMG thats funny AND disgusting. I'm a total germophobe. I'd be going to the hospital ASAP. LOL. :D
  3. TFA101 Well Known Member Member

    I've done that many a time :rolleyes:

    Not the best flavor in the world, but at least it's just tank water... could be worse... ever tasted Prime? not good... don't even ask how it happened :;laughing
  4. Heather M Well Known Member Member

    As bad as Prime smells, I could only imagine!
  5. Chris123 Well Known Member Member


    Thanks for sharing lol :)
  6. critter_fritter79 Well Known Member Member

    LOL!! I have had tank water in my mouth by accident so many times I am afraid to count!
  7. Martinismommy Fishlore VIP Member

    I thought tank water was like a beer bong :;toast lol......I drink it everyday and I'm not joking.....Not on purpose of course but I'm still alive .....:;toast
  8. critter_fritter79 Well Known Member Member

    lol MM...I am right there too...I am afraid to use a syphon pump on the baby tank so I always start it "manually". The only one I use the pump on is the oscar tank...that is one mouthful of tank water I can happily do without!!
  9. TFA101 Well Known Member Member

    I'll bet! ;D
  10. David C Well Known Member Member

    I've never started my siphon with my mouth, guess I'm weird. Watched a youtube video on how to start it and never looked back :)

  11. Tigerlily Well Known Member Member

    Me either... eww, yuck. There was a link to a video posted here showing how to start a siphon very easily. Perhaps someone (obviously not me) saved the link?
  12. Romad Initiate Member

    GAK!! I'd still be swigging mouthwash. ;:barf
  13. Zoreta Member Member

    I always do it by mouth, it's so much easier for me than dealing with getting enough water in the tube and then trying to cause a vacuum... I've gotten mouthfuls of tank water plenty of times before, I don't mind unless I have a canker sore.
  14. CHoffman Fishlore VIP Member

    :;nw No kidding. I do the same thing on my smaller tanks. I always suck on the end of the tube and what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger. :p
  15. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

  16. DRock914 Member Member

    Haha I've done that too. When you're siphoning and stop to empty a bucket, make sure your hose is completely empty of water when you start up again because I always get that little amount of water left in the hose in my mouth lol. If you do use you siphon by sucking I would recommend putting your fingers around the outside of the tube and resting your lips on your fingers rather then on the tube.
  17. fishtroy Well Known Member Member

    Gag!!! Yuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkk!!!

    I thought once about syphoning my tank, then I came to the conclusion that it was NOT worth the risk. I would rather spend my time scooping the water out with my trusty cordial cup than risk tasting my fish water! :jawdrop:
  18. GoGreen Well Known Member Member

    :;laughing Aack! That is totally yuk! Yeah Nelson was probably laughing at you, or hoping that you didn't spit it back into the tank!