My step by step guide to breeding Bettas

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HI there, I decided to post my step by step guide to breeding bettas. This is MY technique so it may not work for others however it has worked for me.

Conditioning my bettas

The first step is to condition your bettas. For 2 - 3 weeks you will want to imitate the monsoon period, with live and different foods and fake rain, as well as many small water changes. Your bettas should be getting happier and your female should be getting riper.

About 5 days before you want to breed them, set up your breeding tank. It should be minimum 10 gallons but not much more than 20 G. Fill it up 4-6 inches and make it somewhat like this:

This 15 G tank is filled 6 inches and has some small plants for the female to hide in which will be taken out after the breeding. It has a cup for the bubble nest, And a heater set at 74-78.

For the overview of the tank criteria:
10-15 G
74-78 degrees
3-7 inches full
some small plants
no substrate
If you want, an aerator set at 2 or so bubbles , far away from the bubble nest

Male in the tank
Get the tank ready and leave it overnight
After 1 night, put your male in
after about 2-3 days he will have a small bubble nest, claiming his territory
On the third day, put your female in a half filled jar, in the tank like so: (I am using a molly in the main tank, sorry!)
Your male will finish off his bubble nest after a day or 2.

The Breeding
First, check off these things:
1) your male should have a large bubble nest and should seem torn between flaring and "dancing" in front of the female and building his nest
2)the female SHOULD have vertical lines on her like so:
HOWEVER some females have more melanin preventing them from showing their bar lines
3)the female should be butting against the jar and seem entranced by the male, some females even flare back!

If that is all good, then you can tip the jar down and let her loose! watch for the first 20 minutes or so to make sure that the male is not killing her. The chase will be rough, however there should be NO blood or cuts

Do not panic if the female hides at first. that is what the plants are for! sometimes it takes a day or 2 before they breed, I've had a pair stay together for 3 days, the female hiding, and then suddenly they bred!
eventually, in a few hours or a few days, the male will manage to guide the female to his nest, where they will take place in an "embrace". the female and male will look lifeless, however they will recover and catch the eggs, spitting them out into the nest. After the breeding is done and many embraces have taken place, the female will hide again, and that is when you take her out and give her a few weeks of TLC, no tank mates an some good food.

for 24 - 48 hours the male will take care of the eggs, moving them around to prevent fungus. leave him alone with the over head ROOM light on during that period.

After 24-48 hours, the eggs will "hatch" but you still do not need to care for them. Those are called prolarvae, and they will feed on their own egg yolk for a few days until they turn into full on fry.

After they start to swim horizontally <------>, you can take the male out.and also give him some TLC, obviously no tank mates! You can feed them home grown protozoa, which take about a week to grow, so start about a week before the breeding! about 2 days into the regimen, you can start feeding them brine shrimp. for about 2 days, into about day 4 or 5, you can feed them pure brine shrimp. When the seem big enough, usually around week 3 or 4, you can start introducing larger foods!

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!ow

I would love to hear your techniques for breeding bettas and any constructive ideas on mine!
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that is very awesome and informative, thanks!
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