5 Gallon Tank My spazzy new betta!

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I went to Petco yesterday to swap out a heater, but of course I had to look at the bettas and I ended up buying one. No worries, it wasn't really an impulse buy because I already had a tank I was about to buy off Craigslist, and a filter and heater at home. I just didn't tell my mom I was planning on buying a betta THAT day ;D.
Anyway, he's all settled in now and he's SO CUTE! At least in my opinion . The only thing is that his tank has a sort of fishy smell, kinda like my dwarf frogs' tank used to. Does anyone know where it comes fromt? I'm worried that I needed to clean the tank out better--I rinsed and scrubbed it, but only with water.
Also, I seem to have the same problem as many others on here: my betta flares at EVERYTHING. He did a little flaring on the car ride home, and flares like crazy at his reflection on the tank walls and even on the water above him. I tried putting a background on, but I think that made it worse and I took it off. When the light's not on it doesn't seem to be a problem. The tank's pretty bare right now, though, so perhaps it'll be better once plants are in During the day, when the light's off, he's pretty relaxed and just chills inside his pot, but once it's on he's all over.
Oh, I also need some name suggestions! He's a sort of blue-red-purple color with red fins with bluish white edges, if the pictures aren't clear enough. My pictures don't do him justice; I'm not very good at fishy photo shoots.

The tank is 5 gallons, with a Tom minI filter and a Hydor minI heater (for now).


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wow handsome betta, real stunning!!!

bettas flaring at their reflection is normal, they don't like other males so its common for them to flare at their reflection or anything they feel like is a threat, that includes you

I would personally name him Mars
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He is a looker!! I think once you get some plants and decorations etc. in his tank it will reduce the flaring.... my guys like to explore their tanks all the time and I change their decor as well to keep it interesting.
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Plants, real or silk, will help him feel more secure and relax a bit.
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Gorgeous betta-boy! I really like his coloration. I'd name him Blair or Octavius.

Maxima is right, flaring is pretty normal. Once you get decorations and plants in he should calm down a bit . Keep us updated with more pictures!
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Thanks everyone! I like Mars and Octavius...it will probably take me a while to decide on a name . I'm so glad other people think he's cute too. He definitely looks a lot better now that he's out of his cup.
I'm relieved to hear that his flaring is normal. I knew bettas flared, but not THIS much! I guess it probably depends on the fish; my last betta never flared. It is pretty funny watching this one battle his own reflection. I'm going to do live plants once I decide which ones, so hopefully that will help.
My only concern is a funny smell that the water has...it's sort of fishy but not really. Does anyone know where it comes from?? Maybe I just need to clean the tank off better
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He is gorgeous!, I wish my pet store had such beautiful bettas! Is your tank cycled? It is an important thing to know, click the blue underlined words. nitrogen cycle

eclipse for a name, that will most likely be my hope fully ( balck and/or white) betta's name.
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He's gorgeous! I have that vase in my 23g. Put some real or silk plants in there and he'll be in complete bliss.
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bettakeeper: yes, the tank is cycled, or should be anyway. I filled the filter with media from my cycled 20 gallon, so it should be all set. I got him from a Petco, and there were so many beautiful bettas there. There was a blue and white delta tail that I would have bought, except he had a massive chunk out of the middle of his tail and I was worried that he wouldn't last long. And then there were some shimmery turquoise veiltails...I wanted so many of them! drool
Britt: Thank you! Your betta looks quite lovely too (the one in the picture below your username). I was so happy to find such a nice smooth decoration for my tank.
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Update time

Betta is doing well. The funky smell seems to have left the tank. It's been a little difficult to feed him, though: unless he sees the pellets right in front of him, he won't eat them and they just fall to the gravel. Any tips? I went to PetSmart today and picked up a moss ball, but they didn't have any of the other plants shown on their website that I wanted I probably should've called first. Grr. Hopefully tomorrow I can pick some plants up, as that PetSmart didn't even have silk plants.
I also did the first water change today! Betta boy was very curious and followed the gravel vacuum around for a little bit.
Here are some pictures with the moss ball and a black background.


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Flaring can also be a sign of stress from what I've read.
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Very cool. Bettas are mostly carnivorous fish and are attracted by movement. So when you drop a pellet near him he'll immediately be attracted to it and eat the pellet. If you put it on the other side of the tank he won't go over to check it out.

If you get another moss ball, or use this one, you can make more by tearing them into 5-10 pieces. These pieces will form into new moss balls. Also if you tie these pieces to driftwood they will cover it with a very thick carpet of moss.
Heather M
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He's so cute!!! What type of names do you like?
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SO handsome! he'd be worth buying a tank for

He will chill with a few more plants
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Unfortunately it's taken me a while to find plants (no where near me sells the ones I was originally looking for) and betta boy seems to have taken up fin biting. Several days ago I looked in his tank and his beautiful tail was beginning to be shredded There was nothing in the tank for him to catch it on, so I can only assume that he started because he thinks his reflection is a rival.
I went to Petsmart yesterday and picked up a java fern and a fake silk plant. Today was water change day, so I added the plants during the water change. Hopefully he likes it better! I think that the Java Fern can be attached to a rock but I'm not sure...right now it is rubber banded on. I had to take the betta out and put him back in his cup so I could mess around in the tank without worrying about him and he looked so angry at me Such a silly little fish. Other than adding the plants and keeping the water clean, what should I do to help his tail grow back?
Oh, and I still can't think of a name. I like it when names have a meaning, especially in other languages. Any ideas?
Here are pics!


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stress coat and stress zyme have done wonders on my tore up guppy tails when I rescued some. I would show you pics but I was just fostering them until I found them a new home so they are gone now. I've always liked rafikI (might have spelled wrong) It is swahilI for friend. He is christmas colored though so maybe something related if you celebrate christmas.

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