My snails breeded and I have a ton of snails what should I do can I sell them

  1. fishkeeper21 Member Member

  2. Katiec90 Member Member

    I'm interested in this as well, as I just realized I have some snail eggs lol
  3. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    What kind of snails? Depending on the type, some lfs will take them ( mine only give store credit on mystery snails and assassin snails )
    or if you have feeder fish that eats snails ( Goldfish, etc ) you could feed it to them or give them to people who have fish that will eat eggs/snails.

    So really depends on the type of snails you have to prevent breeding and or removing eggs, etc.
  4. fishkeeper21 Member Member

    I don't know what type of snails but will Petco or smart take them for 0.10 cents each or even free
  5. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Can you post a picture? if they are pest snails such as Bladder/pond snails, they may not take them and highly unlikely you will get any $$$ for them. Again, a picture will help to identify.
  6. Katiec90 Member Member

    We would probably have better luck with a small local petstore rather than a chain.
  7. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    I've seen people advertise their excess snails on local classifieds.
  8. fishkeeper21 Member Member

  9. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    It's probably a bladder snail but can you get a shot from the top of the shell?
  10. fishkeeper21 Member Member

  11. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Looks like a bladder snail.
  12. fishkeeper21 Member Member

    Can I sell them
  13. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Probably not. Though if someone near you or your LFS has a ravenous pufferfish they may be willing to take them off your hands:)
  14. fishkeeper21 Member Member

    Thanks what would be the best choice you pick kill them , give them to the LFS also last question can I make a meal for my fish if so how?
  15. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Some carnivorous fish will est them if you smush the snails with your thumb but if your LFS wants them they'll want them alive.
  16. fishkeeper21 Member Member

    What about goldfish and do I have to take the shell out and freeze them
  17. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Goldfish will eat anything AFAIK but I'm not sure whether the shell could affect them. What size goldfish do you have?
  18. fishkeeper21 Member Member

    2 in to 2 1/2