My Snail Is A Monster...

Discussion in 'Snails' started by Fish Newbie, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Fish NewbieNew MemberMember

    Ok my snail Brownie has grown so much in such a short period of time. Should I be worried or just go with the flow, he/she is a black mystery snail. We also have a gold mystery (Buttercup) that has barely grown and a pink mystery (Diamond)that is new ( 2 weeks now) that is just as active as Brownie, but tiny in comparison. Brownie has about an inch and a half new growth in about a months period.
  2. meyowmeowValued MemberMember

    With lots of good food and water conditions Mystery Snails can grow very fast. I wouldn't worry about it - probably just a very hungry snail :p
  3. sheehanjeValued MemberMember

    I got sold what I was toldwas a mystery snail and now I'm pretty positive it's an apple snail. I've had it about 6 weeks and it's gone from about the size of a nickle to almost the size of a golf ball. Does a great job as part of my tank clean up crew - so no complaints here!
  4. meyowmeowValued MemberMember

    That could also be the situation here as apple snails do get a lot bigger!
  5. VioletSSValued MemberMember

    Are all your tanks heated? Are there any snails that would do well in a room temp (cold-ish) tank? I'd like to get a snail or two, but haven't had good luck in the past. :emoji_snail:
  6. Fish NewbieNew MemberMember

    Yeup all tanks heated and Brownie rules the 20 long tank! I actually worry when I do not see him\her cruising the tank!
  7. Fish NewbieNew MemberMember

    I give them all zucchini, tried broccoli, they stuck their nose's in the air at that, and Brownie just chomps it all down to his/her hearts content, I really need to find out if Brownie is a boy or girl one day.

    And for cooler tanks I am not sure, mine are all warm water
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  8. RyleighJValued MemberMember

    I'm fairly sure (but may be wrong) that mystery snails do well in anything in the 70-80 range.They're less active in cold waters, but they live longer; warmer waters means more activity, but it shaves a couple years off their lifespan.

    Also, as a random note, mystery snails are a type of apple snails. Anything in the Pomacea family is an apple snail, and mystery snails are Pomacea bridgesii or Pomacea diffusa.
  9. EternalDancerWell Known MemberMember

    Are snails boys or girls?

    I feel like they can be either depending on circumstance, but I could be wrong...
  10. Fish NewbieNew MemberMember

    I know mystery snails are either male or female, same with nerites I believe but some are hermaphrodites.
  11. RyleighJValued MemberMember

    Mystery snails are not hermaphrodic, meaning that they have distinct males and females. You can figure out which snail is male and which is female by looking to see if there's a sheath. (More info on that here Sexing snails )