My Shrimp Escaped And Died, Why Did This Happen?

Kyle Elcock

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I have/had two Bamboo Shrimp, Woody and Buzz, for about 4-6weeks in a 10 Gallon (48ltr) tank with 2 Molly’s who have had plenty of children, there’s 7 who are over 10mm in length! The other day I luckily found one of my shrimp crawling along my carpet, and luckily I managed to him back in safely. So I inspected where it could have escaped from (there’s a secure top to the tank which the filter is connected to), and loosely covered it over. But I hadn’t seen them all day, tried luring them out in case they were hiding, I know they go hiding before they shed their skin. But then I found Woody laying on the floor all dried up. Buzz is still MIA, however chances are slI'm in a house with three cats.

My question is... why did this happen?

Did my shrimp hate my tank so much, in which I have plenty of hiding space, and 5 species of live plant. And they’ve never done this before since just recently, they’re are normally energetic, inquisitive and hungry!
... however they have been spending a lot of time in and around the filter that is directly below the only escapable point in this tank.

I could’ve prevented this if I had securely covered the vantage point!... however I was unaware they would be that curious?

Any information would be greatly appreciated and would help me, us all, to come to terms with Woody’s death and Buzz’s adventures.


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5 to 10 years
Shrimp can be very curious! They may have found more food near the filter and wanted to explore more. They also may do this if the water parameters are not to their liking. I've heard of shrimp doing this many times and even my own have tried to escape at times.

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