My shrimp are dying...

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    [FONT=&quot]Alright, I am in a panic right now... I look at my water temperature, 84- 86F... So, recently I havent seen any of my shrimplets and hardly any shrimp. I had to do a bigger water change and earlier weekly water change. Right now its at 82F, but I have bad news. As I was vacuuming my tank, I found a dead adult cherry shrimp. The issue that concerns me is that its almost all black... Ill include photos, but beware, they are kinda gross. I did a 25% water change, which didnt change it. Anyways, I put in a bag with ice cubs to try and lower it, they melted in less then 10 minutes. The galaxy rasbora are doing fine, same with the otocinclus. Anyways, I feel the temperature killed off the shrimp... I am wondering how I can regulate the temperature, also by not using the air conditions because our house is always hot and we refuse to use the air conditioning... I dont know why. Would I be able to move everything into my 60 gallon tank, which is much cooler? It has 3 mollies, and 4 cories.

    Heres a photo to the 60 gallon tank:

    Photo of the dead shrimp:

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    By all means, if the 60 gallon is cooler, move your fish. The ottos and rasbora will appreciate it, and you have plenty of room.

    Shrimp die. Unless it's a mass die off I wouldn't worry to much, they may not be breeding because the water is outside of their comfort zone. Once they cool off, they'll start up again.

    They make aquarium chillers. Like air conditioning units for fish. You could get one of those. They use them in saltwater tanks a lot, so you may want to look at that equipment sub forum for additional information.

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    Alright, thanks for the info! Hope to start seeing more shrimp soon :(
    Ive only seen two, 1 adult and 1 shrimplet
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    I'm sorry for your loss. I recently lost one to the heat as well, so I definitely get where you're coming from. Some additional things that may help in the future, assuming you have moved everyone, take off the lid and angle a fan to blow over the water.
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    I just wanted to update this, but I bought a fan and has recently arrived. My tank is now consistently at 76F, lower then before! Thanks for the advice of using a fan/aquarium chiller