My Setup And A Question On Kribensis

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by SailfinPleco, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. SailfinPlecoNew MemberMember

    Hi Folks,

    Ok, for starters..... I've got two tanks, an 80 ltr tank and a 55 ltr.

    In the 80 ltr I've got a Sailfin Pleco (Yep I know he'll outgrow the tank, that's when I buy either a 200 or 400 litre tank), 2 Cory Catfish, and a Zebra Pleco.

    In the 55 ltr I have about 10 Mollys and another Sailfin Pleco.

    Question 1: I'm really keen to get a male and female Kribensis - will there be any issues with putting them in the 80 ltr tank?

    Question 2: Would anyone recommend a better combination out of the fish I have for the two tanks, removal of one fish to the other tank etc?

    Question 3: Can anyone recommend a hardy plant to put in the tank that creates a shield that doesn't disintegrate easily with the Sailfins swimming about in them? For some reason I seem to have a sailfish who likes to scratch his belly on the plants.

    Question 4: Are Sailfins normally human friendly? When I do a tank water change I only need to place my hand in the tank once I've drained off half the water and he swims in to my hand and sits there, never flips when I move him to the other tank and never shows any sign of distress - is this normal!?

    Thanks for your help folks, looking forward to sharing and learning from fishlike :)

    Here are a couple of pics, my two Sailfins and my 80 ltr tank....

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  2. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    Hi and welcome,

    What are the dimensions of both tanks? If you can't get the larger tank anytime soon, I would rehome those plecos as they will become stunted if you keep them in either tank much longer. The water parameters will also become hard to control especially in the 55 liter with 10 mollies. I'd also rehome those mollies as well as they'd need at least a 29g just for 2-3.

    What kind of corys do you have? I'd up their shoal to at least 6. I don't think I'd add a pair of kribs to this tank. They'd get aggressive especially when they start to breed and you won't have the room with the corys and pleco. You might be able to add them to the 55 liter after rehoming the mollies and pleco but also depends on the dimensions of the tank.
  3. SailfinPlecoNew MemberMember

    Hey El,

    Thanks for the views and info.....

    Great minds! I'm rehoming the smaller of the two pleco's along with the guppies..... much to my daughters annoyance!!

    The 55ltr will then be for the Kribensis pair and I'll keep the remaining Pleco in the 80 ltr for 6 mths, I'll be upgrading to a 400 ltr tank in a few months for him.

    With regards the Cory's - thats handy info to have.... the shop advised on keeping a pair but no need to have more than 2.... is your recommendation based on the fact they are better being kept in groups? I'll get another 4 if that's the case..... would they be better with the pleco or the kribensis.

    The Zebra pleco I've been told won't grow very big, I'm assuming that's accurate?

    I've attached a picture of the Cory's.

    I'll come back with the tank dimensions shortly....... :)

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  4. Redshark1Fishlore VIPMember

    If I were you I'd go with the Sailfin in a 400 litre tank (minimum). Its all the fish you'll ever need. Absolutely stunning fish.

    I regret giving mine away as I now realise it is far and away the best of the pleco-type fish both in looks, behaviour and algae-cleaning abilities.

    Mine fed from my hand so I would encourage that. He ate algae flakes mainly but kept the aquarium ornaments spotless (lots of resin roots). Bristlenoses, Rusty Plec and Common Plec have failed to achieve this, they only eat a bit, not all of the algae.

    You can also take a big pinch of spirulina flakes and press them onto the glass for him to rasp away. If you put them in a specific spot, say the top left hand corner for instance, mine would wait there to be fed when he was hungry.

    I don't know if they are all like this or if I was lucky but none of my other plecos have done this or looked as spectacular.

    I would be careful what I keep with them as mine was very aggressive to large fish (though mine never harmed small fish). At night he would hunt down other plecos, ripped up my Jack Dempsey etc. when he was a 30cm mature male.

    Sailfin Suckermouth Catfish Glyptoperichthis gibbiceps - Copy.jpg
  5. SailfinPlecoNew MemberMember

    There's something about Pleco's, specifically Sailfins..... I love them..... Mine's very friendly. I'll try what you suggested RedShark, and see - I'm guessing it's a potential in any Sailfin.....:)

    That's a stunning looking fish... how big is he now? Any ideas on how to sex them? I'm wondering whether mine are boys or girls or a mix.....
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  6. Redshark1Fishlore VIPMember

    It's some time ago but I believe I was able to sex him by observing the genital papilla which sticks out in the mature male.

    I think the chances of him being alive now are low as few people can look after fish properly.

    I keep Clown Loaches and 50 million are officially exported each year but there are not many keepers with 20+ year old fish like my own. This is a waste and very sad.
  7. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    Those are skunk corys. They are shoaling fish and really are best kept in as large a group as your tank will allow. You'd see much more natural behavior and they wouldn't be stressed. However, they prefer cooler temps (around 74F) while your zebra pleco prefers it at around 80F. And yes, I believe zebra plecos stay around 3 in. I would rehome either the corys or zebra pleco. You could keep warmer water corys but that all depends on the dimensions of the tank as well.

    Are you planning on keeping the 10 mollies in the 55 ltr?

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