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Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by Angelbear, Jul 15, 2014.

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    I had recently posted on here about a disastrous tank in another classroom. Story posted here because it goes with review.

    20g uncycled tank
    5 red skirt tetras
    5 neons
    2 common plecos
    1 frog (dint know type)
    5 guppies

    the tank was set up goldfish added day one
    all other fish on day two no acclimation by a parent donating the tank to the room. Fish started dying left and right they ask me to "fix it" since I set up a other tank for another room and its doing fine. Not the best tank bit good for the circumstances. That's another story.

    I start asking questions find out above information. Test water find 4ppm ammonia, 0nitrites, 0nitrates fish apparently had just got to store and they were having big sale. So they were stressed to begin with. Go to perform water change talk about exchanging fish, but haven't caught parent. Next day more dead fish high ammonia they tell me can't use tap water to water change we have to use store water. Took them a week to get it. By now we are down too

    3 guppies
    2 red skirt tetras
    4 neon tetras
    2 common plecos
    1 frog

    they bought CaribSea Ready Water Preconditioned Aquarium Cycling Water Conditioner. I had never heard of it no one here used it. It claimed: Preconditioned water for freshwater aquaria. Helps bypass the dangers of cycling.Ready water blocks ammonia and neutralizes nitrite, supports pH and alkalinity, replaces a fish's protective slimecoat and reduces fish stress, adds essential electrolytes, contains botanical extracts, and water purifying bacteria. Perfect for "top off" water too!

    Followed directions for water change removed two gallons replaced. Little uncertain of it. Go home for weekend. Come back Monday find no dead fish all fish accounted for. Test readings .25 ammonia 0nitrites 20nitrates. Was pleasantly surprised. It worked well better than I better than I had expected. Did another water change have not tested yet. Working in getting them to regime the plecos hopefully. That and the 4 what looks like kissing gourami's that appeared sometime after I left. There huge and already tried to eat a guppy so....if I can just catch her. Its hard I'm in a different room and that room closes and combines before I do.

    anyways in this instant the ready water seemed to work. I don't know how it would do on a new tank. Our room is supposed to get one in August or September company bought and maintained so I have more control over it than the other one. So we will see then
  2. HarlebleondoraWell Known MemberMember

    What a nightmare! Those poor fish. :(

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