My Red-Gold Tuxedo Guppy is staying at the ground

Discussion in 'Guppy' started by Vcvc16, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Vcvc16New MemberMember

    I have in total 5 guppies. 2 red gold tuxedo male 3 fancy female. One of the males started to stay at the bottom of the tank and not like the others. The others are very active. All of them would eat besides the one male. Is he ok or is he being bullied? Help :(

    8 Neon Tetra
    3 Ghost Shrimp
    5 Guppies (3 fancy female, 2 red gold tuxedo male)
    0 Ammonia
    0 Nitrite
    20 Nitrate
    50W Heater at 76F
    10 Gallon tank
    Aquaclear 30 HOB filter

    I know it's a bit over stocked :-\
    (Sorry for bad photo)

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  2. Lucky GuppyValued MemberMember

    Male guppies are very vigorous breeders, even if he was being chased away or "bullied" he would still be trying to sneak a mate with one of the females.
    When guppies give problems like that it is usually 2 things,
    1 .Did you properly acclimatize your guppies to the water before introducing them to the tank or did you just plop them in "some guppies are more fragile and a direct introduction to the water could shock and place stress on the fish.
    2 .It may be some sort of parasite, disease or sickness. Place the guppy into a Clear smaller manageable container that you will be able to hold in your hands close up. Hold the container with the guppy up to a window light source or lamp and examine it for any tumors, specks or spots "red-white anything out of the ordinary", shredding or parts of the fins or tail dropping off, look at the gills for any growths or discoloration, check the anal parts for any parasites hanging out "like a worm or thread like, examine the fish from the side and from the top to see if it looks emaciated or bloated, does it have a bent or humped over back.

    NB. I am by no means a professional at this but the more information you give will help the more seasoned "fish people" to help you.
    If you can, Upload a video to YouTube or something and paste the link here so they can see the behavior of the fish.

  3. AsterWell Known MemberMember

    How long have the guppies been in there?

    I'm sorry to say this but unfortunately you're more than a bit overstocked, and the neon tetras are too active for a 10 gallon. It's also possible that the neons may be nipping the guppy's fins and stressing him out.

  4. Vcvc16New MemberMember

    I have had these Guppies for about a week. No fins have been nipped :) I just saw a male guppy chase the other male back into its clam :( I just insulated the mean one and now he is a bit more active :) as I'm writing, he is swimming in staid of hiding. the mean one is in its little fish bown that I will water change 50% each day to keep ammonia down. Hope this video helps  
  5. Lucky GuppyValued MemberMember

    Beautiful looking guppies budy :) Has he began to eat food now?

    1 .He seems to have some sort of twitch or shake while swimming.
    Iv'e had a few guppies display that and eventually problems ranged from damaged fin, parasites to some kind of guppy sickness "bloating or shock to something in the water" or disease.
    2 .While moving the more aggressive male to isolation sometimes works in a bullying situation, it would be more wise to isolate the fish that is displaying signs if possible illness into a hospital tank or observation tank as to avoid any possible infection of your main aquarium.
    3 .Examine your guppy close up. It may be a simple case of bad genetics, a malformed pelvic fin "the 2 side ones close to its gills" or something else.

    As it stands right now, if he is sick it is to early to tell what it is "for me" and i would of placed him in hospital for observation.
    Hopefully someone with more years of experience can give insight and a more definite answer.
    NB.I noticed there seems to be a flowing current in the aquarium, while this may be good for the other fish it isn't really good for "fancy" guppy with big fins and tails as it can exhaust them quickly. A slow current is best for fancy guppy enough that you get circulation but not so much that they have to constantly swim against it.
  6. AsterWell Known MemberMember

    I don't see anything in particular wrong with him. The other aggressive male also looks stressed out in that bowl, you may want to put him back.

    Just keep an eye on him. The behavior might clear up on its own if you're lucky.
  7. Vcvc16New MemberMember

    yes there is a little flow. I will turn down the output a little but for them :) He still haven't started eating :( I don't know what's wrong with him. As soon as I put the insulated one back he quickly began chasing the other male back into its hiding spot :( I'm going to keep an eye on the hiding guppy
  8. Lucky GuppyValued MemberMember

    If something is wrong with the hiding guppy example it is sick or diseased the other fish will chase it of, it is all about survival they don't want to get sick either "it is natures selective breeding process".

    I would strongly advise you to isolate/hospitalize the hiding guppy for 1-2 weeks or so, he is already not eating so leaving him in the main tank wont solve anything.
    1 .
    If after that time in hospital no definite signs of sickness shows up and the guppy starts to eat food again and improve then no harm was done, you would then know if it has something to do with the compatibility of that specific guppy and your main tank.
    2 .If while in hospital he continues to worsen and even show specific signs you could then be able to more easily pinpoint what is wrong and possibly treat it or if it is un-treatable let it die or euthanize it. In this case crisis could be averted and you could possibly save your other fish in your main tank from also being infected.
  9. Vcvc16New MemberMember

    Will try to do that!
  10. Vcvc16New MemberMember

    Well it died today :( I found him laying on the gravel without his fin and the ghost shrimp was eating it! :( About to burry him
  11. AsterWell Known MemberMember

    Aw, sorry for your loss :( did he have anything unusual on his body?
  12. Lucky GuppyValued MemberMember

    Sorry for your loss, from what you said I'm guessing you didn't isolate him?
    If it was something contagious you should look out for any early signs in your other fish possibly if they scavenged on it.

    *Sometimes fish are handled badly in stores and could be damaged from that or in transport, it would be better that than some contagious sickness lurking around in your aquarium.
  13. Vcvc16New MemberMember

    He didn't have anything unusual other than the missing fin. I just hope that the others don't have anything ..

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