My red cap oranda has white spots on his tail but i dont think its ich

  1. Adrian31 Initiate Member

    Does someone knows what this fish has? I dont think its ich he only has it on his fins,i also think he has fin rot but im not sure if the white spots are from the same thing. image.jpeg
  2. MinhMai Member Member

    It looks like ich to me. You can try treating with just high temperature at 82F for a couple weeks, maybe add in aquarium salt, and if you wanna get fancy you can do heat and paraguard.

  3. Adrian31 Initiate Member

  4. Adrian31 Initiate Member

    I dont really think its ich i mean ich looks like salt grains, but these look more like cloudy white spots also he doesnt have them anywhere else only on the fins

  5. gsong321 Member Member

    It could be something as simple as fin rot. I had it with one of my black skirts and cleared it up with extra water changes and colloidal silver. You can use some of the preparations but I would try doing it natural first...from what I can see it doesn't look like ich, if your water is cycled good I would be looking more towards fin rot.
  6. Adrian31 Initiate Member

    Ok I'm going go treat for fin rot and see what happens, thank you.
  7. gsong321 Member Member

    It's hard to see for sure but ich does have definite white specks, it's common for fish with fine fin features like yours to get fin rot. I use colloidal silver in my tanks, I wouldn't recommend it though (unless a person has done a lot of experimenting) I make my own and have the dosage down to a science...almost. I've found extra water changes will cover a multitude of problems. Good luck!