My Rams Are White/pale And Have Stress Bars

  1. hdanh

    hdanh New Member Member

    I'm not sure what's going on but they look super pale and are showing stress bars this morning.
    I'm about to do a 50% water change and move them temporarily to a 30g I just finished cycling.
    They're usually very active and follow me around but now they just stay in one spot.
    The only thing I did yesterday was added a gallon of prime-treated water to the sump.

    11 rams in 100g tank
    ph: 7.3
    temp: 82F
    ammonia: 0
    nitrite: 0
    nitrate: 20

    Ignore the diatoms, I'm about to clean it.
  2. OP

    hdanh New Member Member

    I decided to keep them in the 100g and see if maybe the water change would help.
    This morning they are still a bit pale and stress bars are still there, but they swim everywhere now and seems to be acting normal and eating fine.
    I'm keeping an eye on them every few hours and see how it goes.

    Still not sure what's wrong?

  3. D

    Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    I would say their color looks much better. They are really beautiful fish. I would stick with what you are doing, maybe more large scale water changes over the next few days. This is often all that is needed to help a fish rebuild its own immunity against maladies that are not easily defined.