My rainbow goby

  1. cborden Member Member

    Cool little fish.
  2. cborden Member Member

    Here we go.

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  3. JeffK Well Known Member Member

    Nice fish! Is he brackish or fresh water?
  4. cborden Member Member

    Thanks. Fresh water

  5. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

  6. shuwae Member Member

    Nice. Do you only have gravel in this tank? These cuties love to dig, especially at night so it is great if you have some sand for them. They "sleep" in the sand, under rocks at night.
  7. cborden Member Member

    Yea, I just have gravel. Never thought about sand. Thanks for the idea. He/she likes to lay on top of the plants at the top and eat algea. There is also spot under the Malaysian driftwood I see him under at times.

  8. shuwae Member Member

    It is a male for sure :). The males color up while the females are just plain with black marks.

    Sand helps as they tend to know when to go to "sleep" and wake up. It is crazy how they know. At night, even with the tank lights still on, they dig under and pop out the next morning. Just be careful of your rocks, driftwood, deco, etc. as they will dig under and move it around. Good luck!
  9. cborden Member Member

    Thanks for the info.